George Jerrison Stannard Camp No. 2
Vermont Department
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
Serving the Greater Burlington area since 2012

About Us: Formed in 2012, George Jerrison Stannard Camp No. 2 is the newest camp in the 130 year old Department of Vermont, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW). We take our name from General George Jerrison Stannard, the first Vermonter to volunteer to defend the Union, and the one who led the successful counterattack of the Second Vermont Brigade that destroyed Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg. For the first time in nearly fifty years, the Sons have a presence in northwestern Vermont. Meeting throughout the area, Stannard Camp draws its members from Chittenden, Grand Isle, Franklin, and Lamoille Counties, although those living elsewhere are more than welcome to become members. YOU ARE WELCOME to join us in our work to remember the Boys in Blue from the Green Mountain State who marched away a century and a half ago to emancipate the slave and preserve the American Union.

Purpose: The Sons of Union Veterans is a not-for-profit patriotic organization whose purpose is to carry on the mission of the Grand Army of the Republic, the largest Union Veteran's organization. Stannard Camp No. 2 takes it name and place from the George J. Stannard Post No. 2 of the Grand Army of the Republic, formed in Burlington in the 1870's. and one of the largest posts in the State of Vermont. Founded on the principles of Fraternity, Charity, and Loyalty, the Order perpetuates the work of the Union Veterans. We conduct monthly business meetings to interact and transact business and discuss correspondence received. On occasion, field trips are organized to visit Civil War related sites in New England and the South, in addition, Brothers frequently attend State, Regional, and National Encampments of the Order. Elsewhere, members volunteer their time conducting historical research on the Vermont Civil War experience, visiting cemeteries throughout north-western Vermont to register and photograph Civil War veteran's graves, and evaluating the condition of Civil War monuments. Each spring, members travel to the graves of Civil War soldiers to place a small American flag on the grave, a tradition that dates back to the GAR. In addition, Vermont Highway 15, the Grand Army of the Republic Highway runs through much of the camp area. Furthermore, every May, the camp holds a traditional GAR Memorial Day ceremony.

Organization: The SUVCW is organized at three levels- the National, Department, and Camp. The National Organization is the governing body of the Order. Meeting only once a year at the National Encampment, the National Organization creates the rules and regulations which govern the SUVCW. The Department is the state level organization of the SUVCW. In the Department of Vermont there are four camps- in Burlington, Chelsea, Barre, and Rutland. The Department guides the local chapters of the organization, which are called Camps. The Camp is the Civil War equivalent of the Company, comprising men from the same local area who work together to carry on the purpose of the Order. Members in good standing can become officers and serve on a variety of committees at all three levels.

Membership: There are two categories of membership in the SUVCW: Members and Associates. To qualify to become a Brother for either category, one must be a man of legal age and never been convicted of a heinous crime. Membership forms can be obtained by contacting the Camp.

Members: Members are those men who are related, either directly or collaterally to a Union soldier who served in the Union Army, Navy, or Marine Corps, or in a state unit subject to the orders of United States general officers between April 12, 1861 and April 9, 1865. In addition, the ancestor must have been honorably discharged from the service, or died of wounds or disease suffered in the service. A prospective member must be able to prove lineage to the veteran, and provide documentation of his service. If you know you have a Union veteran as an ancestor, but cannot find sufficient evidence, do not hesitate to contact the Camp for help. Several members are Civil War historians and are more than happy to help you in your quest to find the ancestor to become a member.

Associates: Associates are those men who do not have a Civil War ancestor, but are interested in the Civil War and the SUVCW. Associates have the same rights as Members, except they cannot hold the office of National Commander in Chief. Only one third of a camp's membership can be comprised of Associates at any given time. After time, many Associates find a Civil War ancestor and become full members.

Membership forms can be obtained by contacting the Camp. For more information on joining the Sons of Union Veterans please visit the Vermont Department's Membership Page

Contact: Robert Grandchamp, Camp Coordinator
      Bill McKone, Member

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