Department of Vermont

In Memory of Comrade Tuffy Doyle

For over 65 years, Merlin "Tuffy" Doyle of H.E.K. Hall Camp No. 28 was a proud member of the order. He loved the Sons and served faithfully as our Department Secretary/Treasurer for over a quarter century. For many years Tuffy and a small band of brothers from Orange County kept the Sons alive in Vermont; without Tuffy there would be no Sons of Union Veterans in Vermont today. When he passed, every brother in the state was saddened. Many members of the Sons, including two past Commander-in-Chiefs attended his standing room only funeral. Tuffy was laid to rest in the Green Hills he loved so well not far from Herbert Orville Bixby, a founder of the SUVCW in Vermont whose father, Captain Orville Bixby of the Second Vermont died at the Wilderness. Tuffy will never be forgotten by the brothers in Vermont. Upon his passing he was awarded the Department's highest award, having the Department Charter draped in his memory for thirty days.

See also SUVCW Commander-in-Chief's Special General Order #2, Series 2013-2014, 6 February 2014.